I don’t think anyone quite understands what the “butterfly” represents. I have been here for 6 years, I don’t think anyone has quite known the magnitude of how many butterflies have been distributed from Daevid’s. It is in every bride’s bouquet, and his signature piece. He sees a butterfly the same way as he views a human being, and as he views a bride. It starts out as a small small life and cocoons. Then it goes through an evolution of months of planning for your wedding. It is everything that represents a beautiful free spirit. It’s everything that makes you feel warm and humble at the same time. A butterfly is a symbolism for him, for his brides! It is as each bride evolves in her event, and her life. So for those that haven’t understood what the butterfly is…it is nothing more than graceful beauty-evolved! It is Daevid’s personal quest to spread butterflies! Now after 6 yrs he finally allowed me to explain…butterflies!
from Stephanie